Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp in Black, White or Natural Wood

The Alfred Tripod Lamp in black, white and natural wood are studio light styled floor lamps sold by and can be found by clicking on the link. This lamp was inspired by studio lights that are used on film sets and will look amazing in a modern living area. I love the combination between the more industrial stainless steel light and the more classic, high finished wood legs. This tripod floor lamp has a glamorous and unique look and is yet very reasonably priced.

One of the advantages is that the Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp is very easy to adjust to the right size and towards the direction of preference. Just like a lamp on the set, this lamp is easy in use. The light can also easily be dimmed to create a more cosy/warm look, or it can be used as a bright lamp if you want to be able to see something well in the night time. You can simply adjust the grate to create the light you want to shine through the grate.

The Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp in Black, White or Natural Wood will give somewhat of a vintage look to your living area. The lamp is made from stainless steel, wood and has a black cable on which is on/off switch is situated. The angle of the lamp as well as the height of this lamp is adjustable. This lamp has a weight of 6kg and is easy to move.

TheĀ Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp in Black, White or Natural Wood has a height of 150cm and a width of 70cm. The shade has a diameter of 25cm and a depth of 24cm. This lamp would also look stunning in a commercial building such as a cafe or restaurant.

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