Arne Jacobsen Style Swan Sofa

This sofa is a reproduction of the Swan Sofa that was designed by the Danish Arne Jacobsen in 1958. Arne Jacobsen was an architect but is mainly remembered for his design of furniture  objects such as the legendary egg chair and swan chair. This sofa is probably less well known than the swan chair, but it definitely has the same elegance.

The futuristic look of some of the designer objects of Arne Jacobson did not stay unnoticed. His flatware design was used in Stanley Kubrick’s classic film Space Odyssey. The swan, drop and egg chair also have a popular appeal and are often seen in TV-shows or films.

The Arne Jacobsen Style Sofa has a modern and almost futuristic look, even after more than 50 years have past since this sofa was first displayed in Paris. It will perfectly suit in a contemporary living area and Interior Addict gives you the opportunity to personalise this sofa to your own taste. This sofa is available in a strong Danish wool, a semi-aniline leather, or a aniline leather and in a wide variety of colours.

Arne Jacobsen Style Swan Sofa Interior Addict black

This sofa is of a very high quality and resembles the orginal design. The base is made from aluminium and the material of the seat (whether leather or wool) is stitched together by hand. The shell is made from a strong foam which is very comfortable to sit on. This reproduction is  reasonably priced for the high amount of hand work and high quality of the materials.

This sofa would also look very well in combination with the Swan chairs, making the round features a reoccurring theme in your living area. The Arne Jacobsen Style Swan Sofa has the following dimensions: a width of 140cm, a depth of 64.5cm and a height of 85cm. You could consider this sofa to be a two-seat or small three-seat sofa. If you do not feel sure about the material it is possible to request a free sample of the leather or Danish wool in the colour of your choice.

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