Art Club Giant Wall Clock in Black

The Art Club Giant Wall Clock is a stylish wall clock from that can be found by clicking on the link. This clock is very big (a diameter of 100cm!) and will therefor become an interesting feature in your house or office. The clean black look is broken by the bit of orange that is close to the frame of the clock to create an interesting designer look.

This clock does not have numbers in order to create a clean and minimalist look, yet it is easy to see the time because of the size and the white hands that contrast the black background. I personally love this clock since it is not simply a useful clock, it can actually fill a wall to give character to a room. This clock will suit in a modern living area, but would also look great in an office space, reception or a big hallway.

Art Club Giant Wall Clock in Black

The Art Club Giant Wall Clock has a very strong design and is made from a matt black iron and has a tempered glass face for safety. This clock takes one AA battery which is not included and has a high quality mechanism that will work for a very long time.

It is important to attach this clock well to the wall or on a hook since it weights 16kg. This huge clock has a diameter 100cm and a depth of 7cm. Fixings are not included in the price. The package will have the following dimensions: 110cm by 110cm by 18cm, and this clock does not require to be assembled.

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