Athos Style Dining Table – White

The Athos Style Dining Table is a reproduction of the orginal design by the Italian Paolo Piva of 2001, and can be found on Interior Addict by clicking on the link on the right of this text. Its highly modern and minimalist design will suit a contemporary dining area. While the design is very recent and you might think about buying a original one, this reproduction has a reasonable price to make design affordable for everyone.

The highly polished stainless steel gives it a luxurious look and the white table top is available in a white lacquer or a grey oak veneer. Apart from its sophisticated look, it is also a very functional table since it provides a lot of legroom and the adjoining section at the bottom provides great stability.


Athos Style Dining Table Interior Addict


The Athos Style Dining Table is available in two different sizes: one with a length of 180cm and a longer one of 200cm. The table has a width of 95cm and a height of 74cm with the table top being 5cm thick. I recommend this table for its functionality and high quality to provide a stable and modern looking dining table. It’s simply all you need from a table and will look great in a modern room!

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