Axis Shelving Unit In Walnut Finish

The Axis Shelving Unit from has a minimalist and cubist design. These shelves make it possible to put desirable object on display, while keeping less desirable objects out of sight. It is also possible to put these shelves in the middle of a room, displaying other objects depending on the part you look at it. It is also a perfect design to be used as a bookcase. The walnut finish gives it a beautiful texture and colour. The different compartment play with the light fall and create interesting patterns of shadow and light.

This Axis Shelving Unit has a very strong structure and has a protective lacquer which enables you to put it against the wall, but it will also be strong enough to stand on its own. The price of this shelving unit is amazingly low for its modern design and high quality finish and can be purchased for just £119 at I personally love this bookcase, since it has all the requirements of a practical shelf and is yet a feature object in the room.

Axis Shelving Unite Wlanut Finish

This shelving unit is part of the Axis collection, which also includes a modern white coffee table and the same shelves in white. These walnut shelves also goes very well together with the white one, to create a larger shelving unit. These shelves will suit a modern living room, bedroom, and even an office.

The Axis Shelving Unit has a width of 60cm, a height of 165cm, a dept of 40cm and per shelve it has a height of 40cm. These shelves are made from a engineered wood with a smooth walnut veener, and a clear lacquer to protect it from scratches. These shelves are easy to assemble, but be aware of the fact that it is quite heavy: 28kg.

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