Bourbon Vintage Dining Table, Distressed Grey

The Bourbon Vintage Dining Table is a lovely vintage table that will suit a modern as well as a classic dining area. The light grey legs have lovely wood carved features and the table top is made from a rough looking darker wood. This table is of a high quality  with real solid wood poplar legs and it is protected by a wax coating. The hand finished wood looks aged and natural, however this also means that there might be slight variations in the look of the table.

I personally think that this table will look stunning with a selection of different old chair for a playful vintage look or in combination with modern (colourful) designer chairs. This table is part of a bigger collection, the Bourbon collection, which is recognisable for its wood carving features and distressed grey colour. Thanks to its light colour it will perfectly suit a contemporary living space and it will also look good in smaller spaces.

Bourbon Vintage Table

This table is inspired by French neoclassical lines. I think it also has a nautical feel about it because of its distressed grey colour. This table is quite big and will sit 8 people. The Bourbon Vintage Dining Table has the following dimensions: a length of 180cm, a width of 90cm and a height of 80cm. I would highly recommend this table if you want to give your dining room a vintage feel, because of its stunning wood work and distressed grey colour.

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