Charles Eames Style DCW Dining Chair

The Charles Eames Style DCW Dining Chair is a reproduction by Interior Addict of the revolutionary DCW Chair that Eames created after experimenting in the 1940s with new techniques of moulding wood. This reproduction can be found by clicking the link at the right of this paragraph. This chair is a fine example of the moulded plywood designer furniture Eames created and what made him one of the most successful furniture designers of the twentieth century. The Charles Eames Style DCW Dining Chair is completely made out of a seven layered plywood.

Eames always had an eye for functionality and style which we can see back in this chair: the DCW Chair looks great and yet is very comfortable. This high quality reproduction is made out of a real wood veneer and will prove a perfectly strong designer dining chair. Interior Addict offers this chair in three different types of wood to suit your classic or modern dining area: walnut wood, rose wood and in an ash black finish. It is also possible to customise this chair by choosing for a pony hide seat and back.

Charles Eames Style DCW Dining Chair Interior Addict

This unique chair has beautiful, unusual curves and the seat seems to be partially flowing above the chair. Without Eames’ techniques of moulding wood we would not only have missed this chair but many other designs since a lot of modern design is based on this principle. This is another reason why this chair is so special since it can be regarded as the start of a new designer era.

The Charles Eames Style DCW Dining Chair has the following dimensions: a width of 56.5cm, a depth of 50cm, a height of 73cm and a seating height of 43cm. This elegant dining chair has a lighter weight than you might expect from a wood chair in order for people to move it easily. Interior Addict gives you the opportunity to enjoy this real designer chair for a very reasonable price.

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