Devlin Dining Chairs Set of 2 – White

The Devlin Dining Chairs are a set of 2 designer chairs that have a retro feel to them and can be found by clicking on the red link underneath this paragraph. These chairs have some unusual shapes and curves, such as the angled legs and the wide seat, which make this chairs a unique design. These chairs will perfectly suit a modern living area and will fit under almost any table since they do not have arms.

These white chairs can be combined with the natural ash Devlin chairs and the black Devlin chairs for a playful effect. The chairs are made from a flexible plywood and shaped in a way to suit the body while seated.

Devlin Chair Set of 2 White

The Devlin Dining Chairs have a natural feel to them which is caused by its ash veneer and solid wood legs. The white colour lets the beautiful natural texture of the wood shine through. The chairs might also vary a bit in colour and texture because of the use of actual natural wood.

The Devlin Dining Chairs have the following dimensions: a width of 43cm , a depth of 49cm and a height of 80cm. The height of the seat is 43cm. These chairs do not require to be assembled and only weight 4kg each.


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