Dorig Storage Coffee Table – Red

The Dorig Storage Coffee Table is beautiful modern coffee table that can be found by clicking the link on the right side of this paragraph. The Dorig Coffee Table is made of a combination between a bright red and a dark stain ash. The contrast between the classic warm coloured wood and the modern bright colour storage panels gives it a very unique look. This coffee table will suit a modern as well as a more classic looking lounge area.

The Dorig Storage Coffee Table is also available in the colours yellow and white with a light oak and these tables can be combined for a playful effect. The storage space allows you to clear up any small clutter and objects such as laptops, remote controls, and magazines.

Dorig Storage Coffee Table Red and Dark Stain Ash

The Dorig Storage Coffee Table is very steady and strong because of the materials used: a real solid ash frame and an engineered wooden top. This table has a nice dark stain finish and a matt red lacquer finish. The storage compartments are very easy to open by simply using the holes in the top to get grip and these holes gives this table a unique look at the same time.

The Dorig Storage Coffe Table has the following dimensions: A lenght of 100cm, a width of 50cm and a height of 40cm. This coffee table is very easy to assemble at arrival but is quite heavy with a weights 14kg.

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