Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair

The Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chairs are beautiful reproductions by Interior Addict of the executive chair with and without an armrest and can be found by clicking on the red link underneath this paragraph. This classic chair was originally designed in 1957 by the Danish Eero Saarinen who is probably mainly known and appreciated for his Tulip Range. While the Tulip Range might have gained greater recognition, this chair has an amazing design that has proved to stay popular after more than 50 years. I personally like the combination between the chromed legs and bright coloured seats, and I like the unusual shape which makes this chair aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable.

The Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair has an interesting shape since the seat is attached to the side and goes to the back, leaving an open space in the back of the chair. A cushion is attached for comfort yet it keeps its interesting and modern look. These executive chairs will suit a modern office area, but can also be used as dining chairs in a modern dining area. Interior Addict gives you the possibility to personalise this chair by choosing its colour, material and with or without armrest. The following picture shows the Danish wool variety with armrest.

Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair Interior Addict

The Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair is available in the material Danish wool and semi aniline leather. The above Danish wool variety with armrests is also available in the colours: black and red. In semi-aniline leather this chair is available in black, brown, white and red. A high variety of colour options gives you the chance to make this chair fit in with your other furniture. The following picture shows the chair in the non-armrest variety.

Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair Orange Interior Addict

The executive chair without armrest is available in black and red Danish wool and in black, choc brown, white and red semi-aniline leather. This chair is also available (but in a limited amount) in red tweed. These chairs are very ergonomic and will fit perfectly around the body. The chair is strong because of the use of metal feet and stainless steel legs.

The Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair with armrest has the following dimensions: a width of 73cm, a depth of 65cm and a height of 82cm. The Eero Saarinen Style Executive Chair without armrest has the following dimensions: a width of 60cm, a depth of 58cm and a height of 82cm.

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