Eileen Gray Style Cocktail Table

The Eileen Gray Style Cocktail Table is a high quality reproduction by Interior Addict of the original side table that was designed in 1928 by the Irish Eileen Gray. Gray who is mainly remembered as a pioneer in the Modern Movement in architecture gained great recognition for this table. Th Cocktail Table is definitely the most successful and well known design Eileen Gray created as a furniture designer.

This classic designer table is very convenient because of the possibility to adjust the height and it has proved a perfect side table for any occasion. It has been claimed that Eileen Gray initially designed this table for her sister who liked to have breakfast in bed.

Eileen Gray Style Cocktail Table Interior Addict

The Eileen Gray Style Cocktail Table has a clear 15mm toughened smoke glass table top, that rests on a high quality chrome base. The table has the following dimensions: the diameter of the table is 52cm and the height of the table top can be adjustable between 64.5cm and 105cm.

The Eileen Gray Style Cocktail Table is very good value for money and Interior Addict gives many people the chance to enjoy this beautiful designer classic for a low price. The open ring feet of this table will enable you to put the table close to you since it will for example fit under a sofa and bed.

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