Fonteyn Console Desk in Oak and Walnut by Steuart Padwick

Steuart Padwick did a great job creating the Fonteyn collection, with it’s unique style! The furniture in the Fonteyn collection l have amazing lines and curves, and interesting contrasting colour combination and yet the are all made from natural materials. While most regular furniture pieces would be either made of oak or walnut wood, both types of wood are¬†incorporated in this desk¬†without creating a clash. Steuart Padwick is an award winning furniture designer that has worked for many retailers including This particular design shows his strength in the use of natural materials.

I have written an article before about the Fonteyn dressing table, which has a very similar style. What I love about both of these designer objects, it that it gives me the feeling that I am watching something that is alive and moving. The legs of the Fonteyn desk remind me of a ballerina and the round shapes give it a gentle feel.

Fonteyn Console Desk Oak and Walnut Steuart Padwick

This desk is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also a very practical desk. The two drawers give you storage space, and the desk is quite large. This desk has the following dimensions: a width of 140cm, a depth of 45cm and a height of 75cm. The drawers have the following dimensions: a width of 32cm, a depth of 36cm and a height of 5cm. This makes it ideal to keep some paper, pencils or other small objects that will keep your desk clutter free.

The Fonteyn desks is a high quality desk with a great finish. The table is made from walnut and oak veneer wood and finished with a clear lacquer that protects the desk, as well as bringing out the best look of the wood. Seeing that this desk is made from real wood, you have to be aware that there might be slight variations between the desks. This desk is easy to assemble and has a weight of 29kg.


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