Fonteyn Dressing Table – Walnut and Red

The Fonteyn Dressing Table is a unique design, created by Stueart Padwick as part of the Fonteyn collection. Stueart Padwick is an award winning designer who designs furniture, lamps and products. This dressing table can be purchased from through the red link below. The legs of the dressing table were inspired by a dancer’s poise, which makes this design stand out from more regular dressing tables.

The matt walnut material and the round mirror ensures the classic feel of a dressing table, while at the same time looking modern by its minimalist design. The red colour goes really well with the walnut and gives it a warm, glamourous feel. This dressing table will suit a modern or more classic styled bedroom perfectly.

Fonteyn Dressing Table Walnut and Red Steuart Padwick

The Fonteyn Dressing Table is of a very high standard and is made from a solid walnut with a thick walnut veneer which makes it into a very stable dressing table. You might have seen this retro-looking dressing table before since it  has been featured in the magazine, Stella. I personally love the interesting shapes and the warm red and wood colour.

The Fonteyn Dressing Table has the following dimensions: a length of 90cm, a depth of  50cm, and a height of 75cm. The mirror, that has a diameter of 29cm, is attached to the table which gives it a height of 115cm. This dressing table is easy to assemble by yourself and has a weight of 23kg which will enable you to move it, but is also very sturdy due to the solid wood used.

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