George Nelson Marshmallow Style Sofa

The George Nelson Marshmallow Style Sofa is a high quality reproduction by Interior Addict and can be found by clicking on the link. This design is probably one of the most famous designs of George Nelson because of it’s unique and stunning look. Other famous¬†George Nelson designer furniture can be found here. The George Nelson Marshmallow Style Sofa will suit a modern living area or a commercial building such as an office or shop because it looks like an art work rather than a simple sofa.

The George Nelson Marshmallow Style Sofa is made out of several different cushions that form a sofa together. The space between the cushions is quite small to maintain its interesting look and yet be comfortable to sit on. George Nelson is known for his playful designs, of which this sofa is a good example. The marshmallow sofa was originally designed in 1956, which is hard to imagine seeing that it has such a modern and fun look. This sofa is still an eye catcher and gains great recognition world wide.

George Nelson Marshmallow Style Sofa Interior Addict

The Marshmallow style sofa has a strong metal base on which 18 soft cushions are attached. Interior Addict gives you the chance to personalise this sofa in accordance to your own style by choosing one of the following colours: red, tan, white, apple, choc brown and black. Interior Addict uses the best semi-aniline leather to create a durable sofa, of which a sample can be requested. The cushion are very easy to change or get off to clean them. It is also possible to create a sofa with several different coloured cushion with whom you can create different patterns.

This sofa does need to be assembled which can be somewhat complicated, but if you take the time for it this should not be a problem. The George Nelson Marshmallow Style Sofa has the following dimensions: a width of 131cm, a depth of 70cm and a height of 86cm. This sofa is very reasonably priced considering the popularity of this classic design, the high quality materials and the general work that went into making this amazing sofa.

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