George Nelson Style Ball Clock – Red

The George Nelson Style Ball Clock is a beautiful high quality reproduction of the original clock designed by Nelson in 1948. This reproduction is available on the website of Interior Addict. George Nelson was an American industrial designer and his designer objects such as this clock can be seen as the frontrunners of American modernism.

This unusual clock can be attached to a wall and be an art object as well as a practical clock at the same time. The fact that this clock does not have a background makes it look different depending on the wall of your room. It would perfectly suit a modern living area and gives a playful aspect to a room.

George Nelson Style Ball Clock Interior Addict

The George Nelson Style Ball clock is available in red, blue or multi-coloured. The clock requires AA 1.5V batteries, which are included when you purchase this clock. The clock has a diameter of 35cm and a depth of 7cm.

The red balls are attached to the core of the clock by aluminium stalks. The strong material will ensure that you can use this timeless styled clock for a very long time!

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