George Nelson Style Coconut Chair

The George Nelson Style Coconut Chair is a high quality reproduction from Interior Addict of the original that was designed in 1955 and can be found by clicking on the red link. Nelson’s Coconut Chair has been manufactured by Herman Miller, for whom some of the best designers of the twentieth century have created furniture such as Isamu Noguchi and Charles Eames. This chair shows what designer furniture is about: the creativity of the mind of the designer combined with practical use of the furniture, since this chair is comfortable yet a work of art.

As the name suggests, this chair was inspired by a piece of a coconut which is portrait in its shape and the hard outside shell in which the soft fruit (cushion) is located. George Nelson is a master in how he relates furniture objects to anything, in this case a fruit, in another famous design a marshmallow. His designer furniture are absolute pieces of art and this chair could be combined with other designer objects of Nelson, such as his famousĀ clocks.

George Nelson Style Coconut Chair Interior Addict

The George Nelson Style Coconut Chair is of a high quality and made from the best materials. The shell is made form a strong white fibreglass. Being designed in the 50s, this chair shows the marks of the minimalist movement in colour and the sleek design. The strong shell is attached to stainless steel legs that support the chair. The seat is finished with a comfortable thick padded leather.

This chair is designed to be comfortable and be sit in from any direction, the open shell makes movement very simple. To make this chair suit your living area, Interior Addict give you to chance to choose from several colours of semi aniline leather: black, brown, white, red or apple green.
The George Nelson Style Coconut Chair has the following dimensions: a width of 101cm, a depth of 82cm and a height of 93cm.

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