George Nelson Style Home Desk – Swag Leg Desk

This amazing desk is a high quality reproduction of the original swag leg desk that was designed in 1956 by George Nelson. George Nelson was an American industrial designer that had a great impact on modernist furniture design and created some impression furniture. Modernism was George Nelson’s main motto and this can be found back in his innovative furniture design. While this desk might have a retro look today, it was an amazingly modern piece for its time with its combination of materials such as chrome and wood, and the way in which the legs are bended. ┬áThe combination between the dark wood, chrome legs and colours makes this design into a unique and timeless piece of furniture.

This particular reproduction is of a high quality and as close to the original design as possible. The price of this George Nelson style desk is quite low considering its quality, thanks to the great reproduction Interior Addict creates. This desk could also be combined with other furniture from George Nelson, such as his clocks or coconut chair. He also used the same type of dark wood together with a white foot in his stunning storage units. I personally think that this desk will even be more recognisable as a George Nelson piece of furniture in combination with his Pill Desk Clock.

George Nelson Style Home Desk Swag Leg Desk Interior Addict


The George Nelson Style Swag Leg Home Desk is a practical desk; papers or writing equipment can be stored between the colourful separators. There is also storage space in the small drawers, which can be useful for papers. This desk is ideal as a writing desk or drawing desk, since paper can simply be stored in the drawers. This desk will look great in a modern office space, or room.

The desk has the following dimensions: a width of 99cm, a depth of 72.5cm and a height of 87.5 cm at its highest point. This desk requires to be assembled, which can be done quite easily.

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