George Nelson Style Pill Clock – Desk Clock

While George Nelson has made some amazing pieces of designer furniture, his clocks might actually be the most popular of all. The clocks he designer are unique and stunning in my view. They all have their own character and are interesting in their own way. This desk clock is my personal favourite because of its retro look, round shapes and the combination between modern chrome and traditional wood. George Nelson designer several desk clocks in the 40s and 50s of which this was the final one in 1954. The clock has a somewhat space age feel because of the chrome rounded shape foot it stands on.

George Nelson Style Pill Clock - Desk Clock

This desk clock would look stunning in combination with the desk of George Nelson, or on a modern desk or mantel. The design of this clock is timeless and will suit a contemporary or more traditional style office. This particular reproduction is of a very high quality, and accurate to the original design. This desk clock is very reasonably priced, and you can own an iconic designer object without spending a fortune.

The Pill Desk Clock has a CE quartz movement, a real crafted wooden frame with metal features and a durable chrome base. This clock requires AA 1.5V batteries which are included with the clock. The clock has an height of 19cm and a diameter of 15cm. Interior Addict quite often has a sale on this object, so click on the link the check the current best price.

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