Gusto Illuminated Plant Pot, Colour Changing LED

The Gusto Illuminated Plant Pot, Colour Changing LED are amazing plant pots that can give colour and light to your garden, balcony or house. These plant pots can be found by clicking on the red link. The Gusto Illuminated Plant Pots will also look good for commercial buildings, such as in front of a bar or restaurant. The plant pots can be used outdoor and indoor and are very sturdy and robust.

The Gusto Collection also includes ice buckets in which you can keep your drinks cool while sitting outside on a warm summer evening, these buckets can also be found when clicking on the red link.You can decide whether you like your plant pots to have one colour or let them change colours. The plant pots are made from a strong plastic and will be long lasting.

Gusto Illuminated Plant Pot, Colour Changing LED

The Gusto Illuminated Plant Pot is delivered with a remote control, you can choose the speed, colour and brightness. The colours that the LED light can make are: red, green, blue, purple, orange, pink and white. LED light will work for a long time, but once the power is finished it is very easy to recharge the plant pot, the power adaptor is located in the base behind a protective plastic cover. The colour white costs the most energy and will give you between 3 and 4 hours of light, for the other colours it will work for 7 till 9 hours before it needs recharging.

The remote control can be used up to a 4 meter distance. The remote control can be used to turn the plant pots on or off, but this can also be done with a switch on the plant pots. While the Gusto Plant Pots are also for outdoor, they should not be kept outside for all the time. The Gusto Illuminated Plant Pot, Colour Changing LED have the following dimensions: a top diameter of 38cm, a base diameter 26cm and a height of 41cm.

Remote Control Gusto Plant Pots

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