Hans J. Wegner Style Lounge Chair CH07

The Hans J. Wegner Style Lounge Chair CH07 is a reproduction of the Shell Chair originally designed in 1963. The design style of Hans Wegner, who was a Danish designer, is often described as Organic Functionality. This reproduction by Interior Addict offers a high quality hand crafted design that will suit a modern living area.

Hans Wegner stated that the creation of the perfect chair is never complete and this design was an attempt to create a comfortable and interesting looking design. Hans Wegner also expressed that a chair should be interesting when looking at it from any angle, and this chair does not prove his statement wrong by offering aesthetically pleasing curves on every side of the chair. The Shell Chair is created by the use of plywood which is uniquely curved into this interesting design, also the legs of the chair are made out of one piece of wood and moulded into shape. The cushions ensure that it is comfortable to sit on for relaxation.

Hans J. Wegner Style Lounge Chair CH07 Interior Addict

Interior Addict, who sell this reproduction at a reasonable price, offer you the option to customise it in many different kinds of wood, with cushions in different materials and colours. The frame is available in oak, rosewood, walnut, or in an ash black finish, and the cushions are available in almost any colour and made from wool, tweed, semi aniline leather, or pony hide.

The Hans J. Wegner Style Lounge Chair CH07 has the following dimensions: a width of 95cm, a depth of 80cm and a height of 78cm. The high quality, attributed by real wood veneer, and the timeless design will make this chair into a long lasting furniture piece for your home.

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