Hans J Wegner Style PP 130 Hoop Chair

The Hans J Wegner Style PP 130 Hoop Chair is a high quality reproduction by Interior Addict of the original that Wegner designed in 1986. Hans Wegner made this chair as an alternative to more traditional lounge chairs. The ropes make it look like and work in the same way as a hammock, but this chair can be enjoyed inside the house. The castors make it possible to move the chair and give a little bit of an office feel to the tropical style.

Hans Wegner clearly went out of the comfort zone by creating this creative and innovative chair, and this chair eventually became one of his best known designer furniture objects, next to another lounge chair called the Hans Wegner Lounge Chair CH07.This reproduction by Interior Addict is very accurate to the original design and made from the best materials.

Hans J Wegner Style PP 130 Hoop Chair Interior Addict

The Hans J Wegner Style PP 130 Hoop Chair is hand made by the best professionals. The chair is made from a strong woven rope which is attached to the real wood circle. This real wood construction is available in walnut wood or ash wood to suit with the rest of your interior. Two cushions, one for the head and one for the seat are attached for ultimate comfort.

These cushions are available in  a grey or green tweed or made out of Danish wool in a wider variety of colours: brown, black, baby blue, dark blue, warm grey, burgundy and chocolate. If you are not sure about the colour and material you can easily request a sample. The Hans J Wegner Style PP 130 Hoop Chair has the following dimensions: a width of 115cm, a height of 95cm and a depth of 90cm.

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