Hexag Coffee Table In Walnut and Red, Oak and White, Glass and White

The Hexag Coffee Table is an amazingly low priced fun looking coffee table that will suit a modern living area. The combination between wood and steel or between glass and steel gives it a playful effect. I personally love these tables since they are stylish and yet very functional and cheap. Thanks to the great formula of made.com you can enjoy this designer object for only 99 pounds now(the glass version has a higher cost)! The Hexag Coffee Table is part of a larger collection which also includes rectangular tables.

These eye-catching coffee tables are designer by Jochem Faudet, who has a background in industrial design and is currently active in different discipline, including exhibition design and interior design. The name of the coffee table is based on the unusual hexagon shape the table top has. The glossy legs are sharply shaped in a triangle and hold the table top from above and underneath.

Hexag Coffee Table Hexag Collection Made.com

As the above picture portraits, this table is available in several different colours and materials: a walnut top with red legs, an oak top with white legs, and a glass top with white legs. You can choose the one that will suit your living area or combine them for a playful effect. Apart from its stunning look, this table is also of a high quality and is build to last. The wood that is used is a strong engineered wood, the glass is a thick tempered glass and the steel is very strong and solid.

The Hexag Coffee Table is very easy to assemble by simply clicking the wood or glass top into the  legs. You might have seen this coffee table before since it is a press favourite and featured in magazines such as Grand Designs. The table has the following dimensions: a length of 71cm, a diameter of 80cm and a height of 31cm.

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