Isamu Noguchi Style Coffee Table

The Isamu Noguchi Style Coffee Table is a high quality reproduction by Interior Addict of the original that was designed in 1948 and can be found by clicking on the link. This stunning design shows the perfect balance between art and the functionality of furniture. The combination between wood and glass gives this table a unique look. The Isamu  Noguchi Coffee Table was part of the Herman Miller Collection, with whom other designers such as Charles Eames have worked as well.

The Japanese-American Isamu Noguchi gained great recognition from the 1950s onwards, mainly with this coffee table and the Cyclone Dining Table. It is interesting to realise that all the different pieces of Noguchi’s furniture have a unique character, this is because Noguchi made sculptures out of any material available instead of focusing on one material or style. This great design is made out of two interestingly same curved wood pieces which are combined to form the base. On this base lays a thick glass top that has a roundly curved triangular shape.

Isamu Noguchi Style Coffee Table Interior Addict

The picture above shows the ash black finish version, but the Isamu Noguchi Style Coffee Table is also available in real, solid American wood or maple wood. The top is made from a strong 19mm thick, tempered glass. This reproduction is very sturdy because of the solid wood and the way in which these pieces of wood form a tripod to distribute the weight.

The Isamu Noguchi Style Coffee Table has the following dimensions: a width of 130cm, a depth of 90cm and a height of 41cm. This coffee table will perfectly suit a modern or classic living area. This designer classic could be yours, since Interior Addict gives everyone the chance to enjoy designer furniture.

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