Isamu Noguchi Style Cyclone Table

The Isamu Noguchi Style Cyclone Table is a high quality reproduction by Interior Addict of the table that was originally designed in 1953 by the Japanese American Isamu Noguchi. The reproduction by Interior Addict can be found by clicking on the red link. While the Noguchi Coffee Table is probably the best known table he designed in his career, this table is probably one of the most successful tables of the 1950s.

The Cyclone Table was initially a rocking stool and developed into a small table, the reproduction that is sold is accurate to the final design in 1957 in which the height was adjusted to be suitable for dining. The initial playful design turned into a practical designer dining table and would now suit any modern dining area. The Isamu Noguchi Style Cyclone Table gets its designer look by the interestingly V-curved chrome plated rots that connects the base with the table top.

Isamu Noguchi Style Cyclone Table Interior Addict

The table top of the Isamu Noguchi Style Cyclone Table is made out of 12 layers of ply and has either a black or white laminate top. This reproduction by Interior Addict is of a very high quality and the strong cast iron base and the accurate materials will prove to make this table last long. The wires are organised in a way to portrait a cyclone-inspired sculpture.

The Isamu Noguchi Style Cyclone Table has the following dimensions: the table top has a diameter of 107cm and a height of 72cm. Interior Addict enables you to buy this high quality reproduction and enjoy designer furniture for a better price.


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