Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Kitchen Bowl Set

While this website is mainly dedicated to large designer furniture, I have to write an article about Joseph Joseph Kitchenware because I personally love it! Joseph Joseph shows what design is all about in my view:  finding solutions to problems (functionality) and give happiness to people by aesthetics. I am very enthusiast about the whole Joseph Joseph kitchenware collection, seeing that I love cooking (I am a chef) and I love design (I write articles about designer furniture).

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Kitchen Bowl Set Habitat

This particular product, the kitchen bowl set is a great design that takes the minimum space and yet includes many useful kitchen tools. The set includes 1 large mixing bowl, 1 colander, 1 stainless steel mesh sieve, 1 smaller mixing bowl with measurements and 5 measuring cups. One of the great features of these bowls is their non-slip base, making mixing into a simple task and all the bowls have good carry handles.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Kitchen Bowl Set Habitat All

The colour scheme that is created when all items are stacked together is lovely. This set will look stunning in a less colourful kitchen and it will brighten up your modern kitchen. The bowls are made from a high quality plastic and can be enjoyed for a long time. These bowls actually remind me of Verner Panton style furniture with its bright colours and interesting round shapes.

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