Large Bow Lamp

The Large Bow Lamp of is a lovely modern standing lamp that gives light from above, which makes it ideal above a table or sofa. This style of bow lamp is very popular thanks to its practicality and stunning look. These lamps are often only available at high prices, but makes it possible to purchase this lamp for an amazingly low price of just under a 100 pounds. You might have seen this light in the Grand Design magazine, seeing that it is a press favourite.

The modern look of this lamp makes it suitable for contemporary home styles. However, it does not mean that it only looks good with sleek furniture. I also like the combination between this light and a vintage table. The round part of the lamp actually has a somewhat space age look.

Large Bow Lamp


The lamp is made of a modern and shiny chrome and is attached to a grey marble stone base. The marble stone holds up the weight of the lamp and enhances it interesting look. This lamp can be a real feature in your living area. This lamp is function in use and can be adjusted to point in the right direction and the from the stand it can be adjusted.

The Large Bow Lamp has the following dimensions: a hight of 169cm and a width of 150cm. The shade has a diameter of 35cm and the base has a diameter of 38cm. This lamp requires a regular sized light bulb of 75W E27. On the cable of the lamp you can find an on/off switch.


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