Le Corbusier Style LC4 Leather Chaise Longue – Black

Le Corbusier Style LC4 Leather Chaise Longue is a beautiful reproduction of the original design developed in 1928. You can find the reproduction of Le Cobusier’s Chaise Longue on Interior Addict through the red link below.  Le Corbusier, who was born in Switzerland but lived most of  his life in France, was not only a furniture designer but also an architect and writer, and was one of the earliest creators of modern architecture.

This design is probably one of the most well know furniture designs of the 20th century because of its modern look and comfortable design. The curved seat of the Le Cobusier Style Chaise Longue is not attached to the frame, enabling you to adjust it to the desired position.

Le Corbusier Style LC4 Leather Chaise Longue Interrior Addict

The reproduction offered by Interior Addict is of a very high quality. The frame is made from a highly polished chrome that surrounds strong tubular steel. The chrome tubes are resting on a matte black enamel steel frame which is also available in the colours brown, red, white, and apple green. The Le Corbusier Style Chaise Longue can also be customised in either a modern semi aniline, Italian black leather or in pony hide.

This modern chaise longue will suit a contemporary living area perfectly and can now be purchased at a very reasonable price from Interior Addict, which is probably the reason why this is one of their best-sellers. The Le Corbusier Style Chaise Longue has the following dimensions, a width of 58cm, a length of 157cm and a height of 52cm. This chaise longue has been popular for years and will be an iconic feature in you living area.


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