Lucce Walnut Sliding Door Wardrobe

The Lucce Walnut Sliding Door Wardrobe is a clean and modern looking walnut wardrobe that is sold by Interior Addict and can be found by clicking on the link on the right of this paragraph. The walnut wood is combined with modern looking black glass and steel aspects to give this wardrobe a real designer feel to it. The wardrobe can suit in smaller area’s because the sliding door will spare you a lot of space that is normally required for opening the wardrobe doors.


Lucce Walnut Sliding Door Wardrobe Interior Addict

The Lucce Walnut Sliding Door Wardrobe will perfectly suit in a modern bedroom and can be combined with other furniture objects from the Lucce range. The warddrobe has the following dimensions: a width of 194cm, a depth of 66cm and a height of 226cm. The sliding doors run separately on a rail.

Sketch Lucce Walnut Sliding Door Wardrobe Interior Addict

The picture above shows the dimensions as well as the inside of the Lucce Wardrobe. The wardrobe has two generous hanging spaces. It has three pull out drawers and a trouser rack to keep you bedroom clutter free. On the top their are two shelves in which folded clothes or less needed objects can be put. The hanging part on the left side of the wardrobe is higher and long dresses will fit in this part of the wardrobe.

Important to note is that this wardrobe is not very easy to assemble and requires at least two people to do so. When assembled this wardrobe does not only look great it is a wardrobe from a very high quality that can be enjoyed for a very long time.

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