Marcel Breuer Style Wassily Chair

The Marcel Breuer Style Wassily Chair (also known as the model B3 chair) is a reproduction by Interior Addict of the iconic Wassily Chair that was designed in 1925 and can be found by clicking on the link. This chair was initially designed with fabric sheets but was later produced with leather sheets. The Wassily Chair was the first chair in which leather was combined with tubular steel which indicates the start of the designer period which is known as modernism.

The Wassily Model B3 Chair is one of the most popular Bauhaus designs ever created. The bauhaus principle ‘form follows function’ is incorporated in this design: the chair is not only designed to have an interesting look, it is designed to function as a comfortable chair. The use of tubular steel was not only chosen for its aesthetics but also for its high availability as the Bauhaus principle was to design furniture in a high quantity for a wider public.

Marcel Breuer Style Wassily Chair Interior Addict

The Marcel Breuer Style Wassily Chair is a very high quality reproduction by Interior Addict. This chair is made from a high quality leather to ensure that you can enjoy this chair for a very long time. This chair has a timeless modern look and will look amazing in any modern or more classic living area. The Marcel Breuer Style Wassily Chair is available in white leather, tan leather or black leather as shown in the picture. If you are not sure about the material and colour you can easily request a sample.

The Marcel Breuer Style Wassily Chair has the following dimensions: a width of 80cm, a depth of 73cm and a height of 75cm.

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