Mondrian Large Coffee Table Set

The Mondrian Coffee Table set is a lovely set of three tables that are practical and look modern and industrial. This coffee table is part of the larger Mondrian collection, which has been featured in the press. The square and rectangle shapes and red, yellow, grey colours with the black legs portrait an interesting interpretation of Mondrian’s art into a practical coffee table. I personally love the combination between the ash black feet and the bright colours, which makes it playful.

Mondrian Large Coffee Table Set

The two small red and yellow tables fit perfectly into the larger grey table which enables you to save a lot of space in a smaller room. The tables are completely made out of metal, which gives it an industrial look and makes it a very solid table set that will last.

These coffee tables have a sleek and clean look and are yet unusual and quirky. The price of these tables is amazing, considering its designer look, and practicality! You can move these tables around in your living area to suit your needs.

The tables have the following dimensions: the side tables have a width of 42cm, a depth of 42cm and a height of 42cm. The larger coffee table has a length of 91cm, a depth of 42cm and a height of 48cm.  The tables have a glossy powder coating that will protect them against stains.

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