Moon Chair in Vintage Bronze

The Moon Chair is a amazing outdoor armchair created by the designer Mike To and can be purchased through by clicking the red link below. Mike To, who originates from Hong-Kong, is an up an coming award winning designer. The stunning look of the Moon Chair seems to resembles more an art sculpture than a piece of furniture. The fluid lines in the texture and the spherical shape make this chair look like it is carved out of a single block.

The picture below shows the bronze version of the Moon Chair which gives it a somewhat vintage and sculptural feel. However this Moon Chair is available in a wide variety of colours, of which the brighter colours take us even more back to the space age design era of the late ’50s and the ’60s. This design is one of my favourite designer furniture objects that I have seen in the last years, it’s simply what designer furniture is all about.

Moon Chair Bronze Mike To

Apart from its amazing appearance, the Moon Chair is also very practical for indoor and outdoor use. The Moon Chair is cast in a fibreglass coating with a high gloss lacquer, and it is protected from scratches and the weather by the fact that they used a lacquer that you can find on sports cars. I can imagine myself watching the stars and the moon from this Moon Chair in the garden, but it will also suit a modern indoors living area or lounge.

The comfort of the Moon Chair is provided by the ergonomic design that fits quite closely around the human body. The sides of the chair close nicely around the body and enables your arms to rest upon it. It is important to note that the seat is very low, just 32cm from the floor, which might make it somewhat impractical for (older) people to get up from. The chair has the following dimensions: a width of 81cm, a dept of 86cm, and a height of 62cm. The chair weighs 13kg which assures its stability without making it impossible to move. The chair is delivered in a packaging dimension of 92cm x 88cm x 67cm.

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