Motti Sofa Bed Collection

The Motti Sofa Bed Collection features two beautiful and practical sofa beds that can turn a study or living room into a bedroom in just a few minutes. I personally love the sleek and stylish look of these sofa’s. The legs gives it a modern look, but the modernity of this sofa does not compromise in its comfortability: the big cushions and fabric cover makes it very comfortable. This sofa bed does not take to much space and is perfect for small rooms. This sofa is available in wren brown (without armrests) or in bunting grey.

Wether you use this sofa bed as a solution to guest staying over, or as a more permanent solution, this sofa will prove to be practical and easy in use. The sofa bed is very stable and of a high quality. What makes this sofa bed a great designer object is that it does not look like a simple sofa bed, it actually looks like a real comfortable sofa.

Motti Sofa Bed Collection

The price of this sofa bed is lower than you might expect, thanks to the unique concept of The frame of the sofa bed is made from a strong steel and the cushions are filled with a soft foam. The following picture shows the sofa bed when unfolded into a bed. The legs of the grey bed have a chrome finish and the legs of the brown bed have a black finish. The upholster of both sofa bed when they are unfolded are black to give it an urban look. recommends to combine these sofa beds with bright colours, which you could do by combining it with some cushions or throws (take a look at’s accessories here).

Motti Sofa Bed Grey

The Motti Armless Sofa Bed has the following dimensions: the sofa has a width of 122cm, a depth of 87cm and a height of 85cm, and the as a bed it has a length of 197cm, a width of 122cm and a height of 41cm.
The Motti Sofa Bed in the grey colour has the following dimensions: the sofa has a width of 147cm, a depth of 90cm and a height of 85cm, and as a bed it has a length of 198cm, a width of 147cm and a height of 85cm. This sofa bed is a bit bigger and might not suit a very small room. Both bed provide enough space to be used as a double bed.

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