Philippe Starck Style Passion Chair

The Philippe Starck Style Passion Chair is a high quality reproduction by Interior Addict of the original Starck designed in 2007. While most designer furniture on Interior Addict are reproductions of designer classics, dating back to the 1920, space age time and 1960s, this designer chair is far more contemporary. The reason for this is that Philippe Starck is a current designer and has an amazing style that is already being recognised worldwide. Philippe Starck is one of those designers who will gain not only great recognition now, but will also be appreciated in the future thanks to his timeless, astonishing designer furniture/objects. Philippe Starcks reminds us of what furniture design is about: the perfect balance between style, practicality and innovation. The Passion Chair is now available from Interior Addict for a far lower price than the original and can be found by clicking on the link on the right of this article.

The Philippe Starck Style Passion Chair has a sharp modern design in combination with luxorous and comfortable leather cushions. The acrylic shell is available in the colour white and the inside of the chair is available in the following aniline Italian leather: black, white, dark tan, choc brown, red, caramel and cream. This chair will look good in a modern living, dining or office area.

Philippe Starck Style Passion Chair Interior Addict

The Philippe Starck Style Passion Chair gets its stunning look from interesting shapes and the combination between the different materials: the leather seat, acrylic shell and stainless steel legs. I personally love this chair since it is comfortable yet very stylish and I mainly love the elegant style of the steel legs.

The Philippe Starck Style Passion Chair has the following dimensions: a width of 55cm, a depth of 61cm and a height of 80cm. I highly recommend this chair to anyone who loves modern design and enjoys to dine in style and yet be comfortable. Interior Addict makes it possible for you to enjoy designer furniture which would usually be out of reach for the bigger public. Find this amazing designer chair by clicking on the red link.

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