Portobello Floor Clock in Brushed Metal

The Portobello Floor Clock is a modern standing clock made from a brushed metal. Simply putting this clock in a corner of the room gives an interesting look to the room. The clean and minimalist look of this clock makes it a perfect clock for a modern living area or office. This clock is amazingly low priced (under 50 pounds!) for its designer look and the strong material used.

The Portobello Floor Clock will fit perfectly in a smaller place since the foot is not to big, yet it is strikingly tall. This clock is made from a strong metal and glass. The clock mechanism is of a high quality and requires AA batteries. The Portobello Floor Clock has the following dimensions: a height of 150cm, a width of 28cm and a depth of 30cm. This clock is easy to move since it only weights 4kg.

Portobello Floor Clock in Brushed Metal Made.com

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