Poul Henningsen Style Snowball Light

This lamp is a reproduction of the iconic Snowball Light designed by Poul Henningsen (more commonly known as PH) and can be purchased from Interior Addict. This Danish designer can be described as the first ‘lamp architect’ who did not only focus on the look of his design, but also on how this would actually influence the well-being of people. It is hard to imagine that this modern looking lamp was designed in 1924, but the it received more recognition after it was reintroduced in 1983.

This reproduction is very reasonably priced seeing that it is a very accurate representation of the original design. The mathematic work that went into this design is amazing since it was intended to give an equal distribution of light over 360 degrees. This ensures that all the surrounding areas will be warmly lighted instead of the harsher light of the single lightbulb. The apple green colour, as shown below, would perfectly suit a modern interior. The Poul Henningsen Style Snowball Light is available in a variety colours to suit in with your own interior: white, black, red and baby blue.

Poul Henningsen Style Snowball Light Interior Addict 2

This reproduction has a shiny glossed top and a matted white on the underside. The glossy top creates a beautiful sparkling light and can be used above a dining table to give a cosy warm light. This lamp will also catch people’s eye when in a hallway or lounge area.

The Poul Henningsen Style Snowball Light requires an E27 60 Watt light bulb. At the widest point this lamp has a width of 40cm and is has a length of 39cm. The cable length is 130cm giving you the option to adjust the height of the light according to your preferences. This iconic lamp is available at a very reasonable price and I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for real feature lamp.

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