Poul M. Volther Style Corona Chair

The Poul M. Volther Style Corona Chair is a stunning reproduction by Interior Addict of the original Corona Chair that was designed in 1962. Poul Volther was, like many other great designers, from Denmark and mainly stamped his mark on modern furniture design with the Corona Chair. The separate oval shaped cushions form all together a beautiful and comfortable lounge chair.

Poul Volther was a true functionalist and his initial aim of was to create a comfortable chair while saving on the materials since these were scarce after the second world war. His chair design developed over the years into the Corona Chair in 1961 which had a wooden frame which was replaced for a strong steel in 1964. The Corona chair gained great recognition world wide and Volther had not been able to top the succes of the Corona chair with any of his other designs.

Poul M. Volther Style Corona Chair Interior Addict

The Poul M. Volther Style Corona Chair is made from a strong stainless (brush matt) steel frame and is available in a aniline leather, semi aniline leather or Danish wool. Interior Addict gives you the opportunity to personalise this chair by choosing from the wide variety of colours they offer. When you are not sure about the colour you can request a sample of the material through the website.

The chair can be purchased on its own or including the stool as shown in the picture above. The dimensions of the Corona Chair are the following: a width of 86cm, a dept of 82cm and a height of 97cm. The stool has the following dimensions: a width of 64cm, a depth of 46cm and a height of 43cm.

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