Interior Addict sells high quality reproductions of designer furniture made by some of the best classic designers such as Jacobson, Eames, Le Corbusier and Hoffman. Their passion, or addiction for furniture becomes apparent in their tasteful choices for the designer objects they decide to reproduce and the materials and colours they use for this. They are very helpful in finding you the perfect furniture for your house and it is often possible to request a sample of the material.

The furniture that Interior Addict sells is not just a cheap reproduction of a certain designer object, they actually make sure that the furniture is durable and long lasting. The furniture reproductions are very close to the original design and while some reproducers change the design by making it from a cheap material or by giving it a chair a different number of legs, Interior Addict does not aim to make it as cheap as possible they make it as accurate and as high quality as possible.

Interior Addict gives the wider public the possibility to enjoy designer furniture by offering it at lower prices than originals. Many furniture designers, such as Charles Eames and Poul Henningsen, would strongly agree on the idea that designer furniture should be available for as many people as possible. While certain designer objects were originally designed with the aim to provide furniture for a wide public through innovative mass production, they eventually became very expensive due to the low amount of production and high amount of money people were willing to pay for it.