sell designer furniture by upcoming designers and the most talented craftsmen for prices that are far below the high street stores (50% till 80% less). has a unique concept in which they cut out the costs of middleman by getting in direct contact with the makers of the furniture. This also saves them (and eventually you) on the costs of having huge warehouses and shops. makes designer furniture available to a much wider public by not spending money on retailers, importers and wholesalers. offers only high quality designs and will (instead of many big furniture stores) only go for the best materials, rather than a low cost mass production. They use highly-skilled furniture makers and many of the products have handcrafted aspects. delivers the furniture right to your front door! The delivering time can be somewhat longer since every piece of furniture is made after being ordered. Every 7 days the orders are combined and made on request. It is definitely worth the wait and no furniture is waisted. During the making and shipping process it is possible to follow your order to get an indication of its arrival. guarantees a good quality, but in case you want to return a piece of furniture you can return it within 7 days and get a refund. What I personally really like about is that they are actually interested in your own taste and style and give you the opportunity to vote through their website for designs they might produce if enough people like them.