Stroller Desk in White By Steuart Padwick – Boundary Collection

The stroller desk is a great modern designed desk with strong lines and a clean look. This desk is designed by Steuart Padwick, who has created several different pieces of designer furniture for This particular desk is very popular thanks to its great look and functionality. The stroller desk is available in several different colours; green with oak, walnut and oak, and white with oak. This modern white with oak colour will look great in a contemporary office or living room.

The legs of this desk look somewhat like the legs of a trestle table. It also reminds me of retro school tables, and George Nelson’s iconic desk. The use of natural wood in this desk give it its unique ‘Steuart Padwick look’, seeing that he mainly work with natural materials. The colour contrast between the white and the oak make it look modern and sophisticated. This desk has been featured in the media, seeing that it is widely loved.


The desk is made from solid oak and engineered wood. This desk is durable and will last you for a long time, seeing that the design is timeless and the materials are of a high quality. The desk has two drawers on each side and a central lid, which has a white colour. By lifting this lid a mirror appears, which makes this desk also very suitable as a dressing table. The drawers and central space are quite large, making it ideal for storing a laptop in the middle section, leaving two drawers for other items you like to store. The central compartment has a width of 59cm, a depth of 60cm and a height of 10cm. The drawers have a width of 31cm, a depth of 43cm and a height of 6cm.

The stroller desk has the following general dimensions: a width of 140cm, a depth of 70cm and a height of 74cm. The mirror has a size of 45cm by 50cm. The underneath of the table has a height of 61cm, making it suitable for most (office) chairs. The desk is finished in a white and clear lacquer that gives it a smooth look and protect the desk. This desk is very reasonably priced for such a great designed desk. Thanks to the unique concept of it is possible to purchase this desk for a much lower price than would be possible with regular shops.

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