Stroller Desk By Steuart Padwick – White Oak & Walnut

The Stroller Desk is a beautiful wood desk created by the award-winning Steuart Padwick and can be found by clicking on the link. His designer furniture is very popular and this desk tells us why: it has an amazing and unique look, and it is very practical. Padwick often uses natural materials in his designs and while the looks of this desk is very modern because of the strong clean lines, the wood gives it a warm feel. This desk would suit a modern office area as well as a more classic office.

The desk has a lot of storage possibilities, the middle section can be pulled open for storage space and has a mirror attached to the wood, on the right and left side a drawer will also give storage space. This desk could also be used as a dressing table. This desk has an interesting look because of the spread legs.

Stroller Desk Steuart Padwick - White Oak & Walnut

The version showed in the picture is a Stroller Desk in white oak and walnut, but this desk is also available in white oak with green or white oak with white. The Stroller Desk is of a very high quality and will be long lasting because of the solid oak legs and the desktop is veneered in oak. The internal panels are made of melamine and the whole desk has a clear lacquer finish.

You might have seen this desk before since it is a press favourite and was featured in The Financial Times and Ideal Home. The desk has the following dimensions: a width of 140cm, a depth of 70cm, and a height of 74cm. The storage dimensions are the following: the central storage has a width 59cm, a depth of 60cm and a height of 10 cm, and the drawers have a width of 31cm, a depth of 43cm and a height of 6cm. The height to the underside of the desk is 61cm and the mirror is 45 by 50cm.

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