Vernay Cabinet in Dark Stain Ash and Multicolour

The Vernay Cabinet, designed by Philippe Cramer, is a beautiful multicoloured cabinet sold through through the red link below. Phillipe Cramer, who was born in New York and grew up in Geneva, has his own designer label and also designs jewellery. He is know for his combinations of traditional materials with the latest technology, as well as the combination of hand-craft with industrial techniques.

The natural dark wood used in this design gives it a classic feel, while the colours of the drawers and cupboard doors give this cabinet a modern and smooth look. If this design is too bold for your tastes, it is also available in a light oak. The legs of this cabinet are very slim and give it a sophisticated look. This cabinet has a matt lacquer finish that protects it from damage and gives it a very smooth feel.

Vernay Cabinet in Dark Stain Ash and Multicolour Philippe Cramer

This cabinet is not very deep and would suit a hallway and smaller rooms perfectly. The cabinet has no handles to retain its minimalist look and can be opened by a push-pull system. The cabinet is made from a solid ash wood while the drawers and doors are made from engineered wood. The cabinet is of high quality and has a very unique and outstanding design.

The Vernay Cabinet has the following dimensions: a length of 120cm, a width of 35cm, and a height of 100cm. The drawers have widths of 36cm, depths of 22cm, and heights of 8cm making it perfect for smaller items. The cupboards have the same width and depth but have a shelf in them providing a height of 17cm. This piece of furniture is very simple to assemble, but is somewhat heavy (44kg) to lift up alone. The packing dimensions are quite large: 128cm x 48cm x 40cm.

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