Verner Panton Style Flower Pot Light

The Verner Panton Style Flower Pot Light is a reproduction by Interior Addict of the original that was designed by  Panton in 1968. He was inspired by the flower power movement and these lights can bring the 60s back to life in your house. Verner Panton is known for his use of bright colours and round shapes and this light is a good example of this. This specific light design is very interesting because of its dimensions: the outer hemisphere’s diameter is twice that of the inner hemisphere.

This reproduction by Interior Addict is very accurate to the original design and is available in a high variety of colours: white, baby blue, red, yellow, brown, black, green and chrome. These lights will suit perfectly in a modern living or dining area and give a retro feel to the room. This light will look stunning on its own or as a collection of several different/same coloured ones. For a real sixties feel these lights can be combined with other designer furniture of Panton.

Verner Panton Style Flower Pot Light Interior Addict


The Verner Panton Style Flower Pot Light can be seen as part of the space age period in modern furniture design that started in the late 1950s and was inspired by the space explorations. The space age can be seen as a turning point in modern furniture design away from classic ideas towards new ideas. Panton for example does not use natural materials such as wood and rather uses fibreglass to create unusual shapes and bright coloured items.

The Verner Panton Style Flower Pot Light has a diameter of 28cm and a height of 28cm. This pendant light can be adjusted in height up to 150cm. The lamp requires a one light E27 bulb with a maximum watt of 40. This contemporary pendant light is very reasonably priced by Interior Addict without losing any of its high quality appearance and sturdiness.


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