Verner Panton Style Rug V

The Verner Panton Style Rug V is one of the amazing reproductions of Panton’s rugs by Interior Addict and can be found by clicking on the link. This rug is one of the stunning colourful 60′s designs Panton created. The rugs of Verner Panton can be seen as geometrical art works that are, instead of hanging on the wall, very useful rugs. If you want to find your favourite Panton rug you can click here to compare it with some of his other rugs.

The Verner Panton Style Rug V will suit a modern or more retro living area and brighten up the room by its beautiful colours. One of the reasons why Interior Addicts rugs are of such a high quality is the use of the best materials and professional craftsmen. This specific rug is hand tuffed and made from the finest New Zealand Wool.

Verner Panton Style Rug V Interior Addict

This rug has a pile height of 14mm, which is quite thick. The Verner Panton Style Rug V is available in several different sizes. The smallest one is a 204cm by 204cm rug, the middle one is 253cm by 253cm and the biggest one is 305cm by 305cm.

If you want the warm feel of a rug and think your living room is a bit dull, Verner Panton Style Rugs are the solution to bring a bit of the 60′s to your house. The Verner Panton Style Rug V would also look very good in combination with the Flower Pot Lamp of Verner Panton since it will make the round shapes come back as an interesting feature in your living room.

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