Verner Panton Style Side Chair – Plastic, set of 4

The Verner Panton Style Side Chair in plastic (set of 4) is a reproduction by Interior Addict of the legendary chair Panton designed in 1968. This playful design has been a bestseller for years and shows everything that made Verner Panton famous: bright colours and flowing shapes. The big advantage of getting plastic chairs is that this is reflected in the price, since you can purchase a set of 4 for the price that you can only afford 2 fibreglass chairs. This chair gets its interesting designer look since it is made out of one piece of material that is moulded to create a seamless chair. On the following link you can find the retailer of these chairs.

While the fibreglass chairs will be stronger, the ABS plastic used in this chair is light weight and yet strong enough to hold you while seated. However, you have to be aware that ABS plastic is more of a subject to weather condition and might lose its bright colour when it stands in the sun for a long time. If you are interested in purchasing a fibreglass side chair instead you can find the Verner Panton Style Side Chair in Fibreglass here.

Verner Panton Style Side Chair Plastic Set of 4 Interior Addict

With the Verner Panton Style Side Chair in Plastic you can give a retro 60′s feel to your dining area. The chair is surprisingly comfortable because of the ergonomic shape of the seat. This set of 4 is currently available in the colour white of red. This chair will easily fit under any dining table because of the lack of arms.

This piece of designer furniture in plastic is very cheap and can therefor be enjoyed by everyone who loves designer furniture but does not want to spent a fortune on this. The Plastic Verner Panton Style Side Chair Set of 4 has the following dimensions: a width of 48cm, a depth of 56cm, a height of 85cm and a seating height of 47cm. This chair would look amazing in combination with other designer furniture of Verner Panton.


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