Yoko Sofa Bed Collection

The Yoko Sofa Bed is a very practical and aesthetically pleasing sofa bed. You can find this bed at made.com by clicking the red link below. This Sofa Bed can be used in a smaller room such as a student room in order to create space during the daytime while using it as a bed in the night. It is of course also possible to use as an extra bed for guests. Sofa beds are too often solely designed for their practicality but this Yoko Sofa Bed has a unique modern design feel that suits a modern living area.

The Yoko Sofa Bed is very easy to use: the back of the sofa can be easily folded out into a bed and the cushions are attached to the sofa bed saving the hassle of having to reassemble it. The cushions of the Yoko Sofa Bed are made out of a sprung foam assuring a comfortable seat/bed.

Yoko Sofa Bed Cinnamon Brown Made.com

This version shown in the picture is the Yoko Sofa Bed is in a beautiful cinnamon brown and it’s interesting how the front legs are also covered by the same brown fabric. This sofa bed is part of the Yoko collection and is also available in the colours grey, red, gold, silver, cream and black to match your own interior. You might have seen the Yoko Sofa Bed before since it was a press favourite and featured in the Telegraph.

The Yoko Sofa Bed is of a very high standard, its frame is made from solid and engineered wood, its front legs are made out of solid wood and the rear is made out of a satin finish stainless steel to assure a stable sofa bed. In the seat and the back there are springs that are covered by foam. The fabric is of 100% polyester and has a fixed cover.

The Yoko Sofa Bed has the following dimensions when used as a sofa: a width of 180cm, a depth of 90cm, and a height of 78cm. When the sofa bed is used as a bed it has these dimensions: a width of 110cm, a length of 180cm, and a height of 39cm. The package that will be delivered weights 32kg, and has a size of 182cm x 112cm x 19cm. In order to initally assemble this piece of furniture, two people are required.

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